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Online degrees are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to continue their higher studies with a bit of flexibility. And because of the pandemic, distance learning has gotten even more popular, with many top-level colleges now offering quality courses with excellent support from teachers.   There is no upper age limit, and you won’t feel out of place like at a physical class whether you are a housewife, 50-year-old grandpa, or just an average teenager looking to study at the comfort of his/her home.

The course materials can be sent by post or email depending on your preference; students just need to study and earn enough credits to pass. Of course, each college has its own set of rules; some require you to appear for exams at one of their campuses, others conduct regular online exams throughout the course.

Points To Keep In Mind When Choosing An Online College in US

  • The flexibility of the course and the hours per day you can commit.
  • Only go for accredited colleges (recognized) with well-qualified faculty members.
  • Research the course thoroughly, find out if you need to be on campus at any point. 
  • Read online student reviews of the college and the course to get a complete picture before diving in. 
  • Find out if they can provide adequate support for online students, in case you have any doubts and need help with matters like the admission process, student services, fees, lab sessions, credit transfer, and many others since you are not going to be on campus.

Let’s get started with the list; keep in mind that they are in no particular order as each college has its own specialty. The information provided here is collected from the U.S News site

Pennsylvania State World Campus  

Penn State has been offering online bachelor’s degrees since 2000; now, they have more than 150 online programs, including certificate programs in multiple disciplines. Their top online degrees include masters in engineering, education, information technology, and business.

  • $576 per credit for bachelors. 
  • $1121 per credit for business studies.
  • $924 per credit for IT.
  • $996 per credit for engineering.
  • And $1236 per credit for an online MBA.

University of Florida

The University of Florida is famous for its online courses in phycology, business studies, educational administration, and finance. And they are also one of the best-ranked colleges for veterans in the country, with off-campus programs costing much less.

The fees depending on whether you are out of state or in state and if you have opted for the full-time or part-time duration. 

  • $449 to $518 per credit for graduate education.
  • $464 to $690 per credit for engineering.
  • $1208 per credit for MBA.

Ohio State University- Columbus

The best online programs in this university include masters in pediatric, family, and psychiatric nursing, dental hygiene; there are also great engineering programs available.

  • Bachelors cost $442 to $642 per credit.
  • Graduate engineering courses are $723 per credit.
  • Graduate nursing is $973 per credit.     

Oregon State University

This university is famous for its computer science programs along with psychology, general studies, and business degrees.

  • Bachelors cost $318 per credit.
  • Graduate Business costs $863 per credit.
  • Graduate Engineering at $617 per credit.
  • And MBA at $863 per credit

Arizona State University

The programs range from law, engineering to graduate business degrees; it’s ranked one for the best for online finance MBA and also offers general management, marketing, psychology, and criminal justice programs.

  • Online Bachelors cost $541 per credit.
  • Graduate Business programs at $1343 per credit.
  • Graduate Criminal Justice Program comes in at $643 per credit.
  • Graduate Education Program at $616 per credit.
  • Online Graduate Engineering at $945 per credit.
  • Online MBA Program at $1247 per credit.

Texas A&M University

The best online course at Texas A&M University is in IT, business, education, and MBA, but there are a lot of other programs available as well.

  • Bachelor’s Program – $330 to $355 per credit.
  • Graduate Business Program – $335 to $420 per credit.
  • Graduate IT Program – $335 to $420 per credit.
  • Graduate Criminal Justice Program – $335 to $420 per credit.
  • Graduate Education Program –  $335 to $420 per credit
  • MBA Program – $410 to $ 335 per credit.
  • Graduate Nursing Program – $321 to $748 per credit

Indiana University-Bloomington

The ranking for the online courses of the Indiana university is pretty high; certain online programs even come within the top ten best in the country. The graduate courses in business programs, analytics, marketing, education administration, and online MBAs are top-rated.

  • Bachelor’s Program – $236 – $341 per credit.
  • Graduate Business Program – $1380 per credit.
  • Graduate Education Program – $437 $525 per credit.
  • Online MBA Program – $1380 per credit.

As a reward for making it to the end, we have listed six more colleges with great online programs that you can opt for in case the above ones don’t match your requirements.

  • Florida International University
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • MSU North Dakota
  • Georgia Institute of technology
  • University of Wisconsin-la crosse
  • Northeastern University

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